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My Attitude Determines Everything


M.A.D.E. Sports Unlimited 501(c)(3) is a youth sports organization built around the whole mind and body approach with a “teach at all cost” attitude. Our primary focus is to introduce sports to players at an early age and prepare them for the rigors of the game. Footwork, balance, control, spacing awareness, changing levels, defensive angles, dictating offensive movements, attacking properly, power, accelerating, decelerating, keeping possession, one shot principles, fast break execution, and proper mechanics, will transform every players level of play in a positive manner and elevate their mind. We aim to be the top facilitator in youth sports, adaptive programming, and wellness in the DMV.

Our Mission

To provide an optimistic sports and educational experience for players and families who believe in doing it the right way. We want to promote a positive attitude, self-empowerment, and confidence through small accomplishments, mental and physical toughness. Our motto is “Making A Difference Everyday” through sports because “My Attitude Determines Everything” and we understand it is our responsibility to model the words we teach to our athletes.

Core Values

We teach our athlete’s the importance of being a part of a team using the acronym W.H.A.T.S U.P. This acronym upholds our 7 core values. Wisdom, Health, Attitude, Teaching, Support, Unity and Perseverance.

Learn More About W.H.A.T.S. U.P

W – Wisdom in sports is imperative to making good decisions, correcting repeated mistakes, and taking the knowledge gained to better yourself.
H – Healthy competition and a healthy lifestyle will allow players to put their best foot forward with good sportsmanship. Players who are healthy can be prepared, preventive, and play with purpose.

A – Attitude is the most important thing an athlete is armed with to determine how they will approach a situation.

T – “Teach at all cost” over winning allows athletes to focus on the climb versus the results.

S – Supporting your child’s physical and mental growth through solid coaching, player evaluations, communication, following safety standards, and role modeling proper behaviors.

U – Unity on the court or field keeps a team together and promotes teamwork on and off the court.

P – Perseverance no matter what makes athletes understand that you never quit despite the difficulty of the challenge in front of you.

Adapting to players learning styles

Our Basketball Specialist teach towards 3 learning styles:

Visual Prefers using pictures, images, and spatial understanding. 

Auditory Prefers using sound and music. 

Physical Prefers using the physical (body, hands, and sense of touch).

Teaching to different learning styles will allow players to understand what is needed to be on the court and off the court.

Confidence: This allows players to grasp the concepts being taught and feel confident, ultimately having a rewarding experience.

Competitive Spirit: Competition is an opportunity to push yourself to the limit and win or lose, show sportsmanship

Understanding Team First: A team is like a family where everyone has a role and a common goal.  We want our teams to think pass first, attack for a better shot for someone else and the bench is an important as the 5 players on the floor.

Opportunity: All players deserve the right to participate and play in the games if they are attending all scheduled practices, games, and events Learning to Earn it! Just lacing up your shoes is not enough. Stepping on the court with all the knowledge from practice and skills training, needs to carry over to the game. Winning all 50/50 balls, controlling the boards, and playing strong defense, earns you respect!

Understanding Accountability:
When you are a part of a team, you must be accountable for your health, equipment, attendance, mistakes, and attitude.

Field Status_
  • Woods Academy Updated:06.19.2018 09:16PM
    • Field 1
  • Richard Montgomery HS Updated:06.22.2018 06:15PM
    • Field 1
    • Field 2
  • Wootton HS Updated:06.22.2018 06:16PM
    • Field 1
    • Field 2
  • Walter Johnson HS Updated:06.22.2018 06:16PM
    • Field 1
    • Field 2
  • Bells Mills ES Updated:06.22.2018 06:17PM
    • Field 1
  • Farmland ES Updated:06.22.2018 06:18PM
    • Field 1
  • Churchill HS Updated:06.22.2018 06:19PM
  • Rock Terrace School Updated:06.22.2018 06:20PM
  • Burning Tree ES Updated:06.22.2018 07:00PM
  • Meadowbrook Athletic Sportsplax Updated:06.22.2018 07:04PM


M.A.D.E. Fall Evaluations

$20 Tryouts Fee (New and Returning players)
Dates/Times might vary - finalized mid August

September 6th, 2018
Rock Terrace School
1st - 2nd Grade Boys (6pm - 7:30pm)
3rd - 6th Girls (7:30pm - 9pm)
September 9th

September 10th, 2018
Beall ES 
7th/8th Grade Girls (6pm - 7:30pm)
7th Grade Boys (7:30pm - 9pm)

September 11th, 2018
Chevy Chase ES
6th Grade Boys, 7:15pm - 8:45pm

September 12th, 2018
Wootton High School
8th Grade Boys (7:30 - 9)

Ashburton ES
5th Grade Boys (5:45pm - 7:15pm)
3rd/4th Grade Boys (7:15pm - 8:45pm)

High School

Date: TBA

Additional Tryout Dates - September 9th

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