Point of Attack Basketball Training

Point of Attack

The MADE Sports Unlimited  GritZone is offering our Point Of Attack basketball  training program designed around explosion, changing of planes and levels, absorbing contact and finishing successfully at the rim. It is our goal to provide every athlete that attends this basketball training the necessary tools needed to become a scorer.
Point Of Attack Training Gritzone Program

Point Of Attack Basketball Training Highlights

  • Progression 1 – Passer and receiver, understanding your body weight, basic principles
  • Progression 2 – Expand on progression 1, double moves, creating space with defenders
  • Progression 3 – Expand on progression 1 and 2, multiple defenders

5 Intense Basketball Training Sessions

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Point Of Attack Training Program

Sign up today, your athlete deserves a competitive advantage. These comprehensive and intense basketball training programs offered in Montgomery County, MD will provide just that.

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