MADE Signature Basketball Program

M.A.D.E Signature Basketball

We have been fortunate to have solid teams compete at the national level and we are looking to build on their success. The design of our M.A.D.E. Signature teams is to compete at the Division 1 or upper Division 2 level. The commitment, skills and toughness it takes to compete at this level is a challenge. Our signature teams will be a mixed blend of our top players from our program and/or players from other organizations that share our belief system. Winning will be a by-product of all the little things they did well to become well rounded thinking basketball players. The group of select athletes will compete in separate tournaments outside of their other team commitments. They will ultimately compete in some Division 1 or 2 event at the conclusion of the regular  spring season. Travel will vary based on each team. These teams will also look for sponsorships and participate in fundraisers to offset cost.

Our Focus

Commitment, skills and toughness

Our Goal

To create strong teams that compete on a national level

Interested in our Signature Program?

In order to be selected for our Signature Program, you must attend tryouts and receive an invite to attend a signature team practice.

M.A.D.E Signature Accomplishments