Shooting From The Base

Shooting From The Base

The MADE Sports Unlimited  GritZone is offering our Shooting from the base, basketball shooting skills training program. This intense basketball shooters training program is designed to work with players on the proper shooting mechanics starting from the bottom upward. We have a progression style program for players to move through after they have become efficient in one level.
Shooting from the base basketball training

Shooting From The Base Basketball Training Highlights

  • Progression 1 – Footwork, shooting off the dribble and pass
  • Progression 2 –Expand on stage one fundamentals, shooting off the screen and creating space
  • Progression 3 –Expand on stage 1 and 2 with defense and shot variety

5 Intense Basketball Training Sessions | $250 per athlete

Frost MS - 6:00 pm - 7:15 pm

Improve your shooting with this intense training program

Sign up today, your athlete deserves a competitive advantage. These comprehensive and intense basketball training programs offered in Montgomery County, MD will provide just that. Cost is $250 per athlete.

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