MSU Hoops Program

MSU Hoops Philosophy

To reinforce positive basketball behaviors through basic and college level skills/drills. Making sure that players play with a positive attitude, balance, and control to apply the skills and drills effectively in the game. The ABC Fundamental trainings (Attitude, Balance, and Control) are our weekly skills development sessions geared to give players the knowledge and repetition to perform in the games. Learning the importance of Preparation, understanding Perseverance, and playing with Purpose, will minimize mental errors therefore playing with confidence. Recap: We teach players the ABC’s in order for them to understand the three P’s (Preparation, Perseverance, and Purpose) for sports and life success.    

We have 4 types of basketball programs:

  1. Evolution Ballers – Players K – 2nd grade participating in a 3 on 3 environment to understand spacing, triangle principles, cutting, screening, and fundamentals. The program progress to 5 on 5 when young players understand basketball court awareness. Some teams will be formed and play a similar schedule to the soaring stars program.
  2. Local and Travel – These programs require an evaluation before each season (most players accepted) for players looking to play in area leagues, tournaments, and AAU basketball. Most teams will play on a local level with our more competitive teams traveling out of state and competing in nationals events (Soaring Stars and Peak Players)
  3. Signature – By invitation only. In order to be in this program, basketball needs to be your first commitment with the skill level to match. This is a 3 practice a week plus games and tournaments year around.
  4. High School – Our goal with the high school program is to do basketball training and player development in the Fall and engage in a competitive spring league and showcase tournaments. NCAA Certification and AAU cards needed.
7TH GRADE GIRLS Charm city champs
7th Grade Girls 2017 Charm City Champs!
Charm City Basketball Tournament Champions
5th Grade 2017 Charm City Champs!

Levels within the Local and Travel teams (Soaring Stars and Peak Players)

  1. North – Highest level with MADE as the priority. Local leagues, tournaments, and travel events. Participation in qualifying events for nationals.
  2. South – Mid-tier to high level players with MADE as the priority. Local leagues, tournaments, and travel events. Participation in qualifying events for nationals.
  3. East – Mid-tier players with MADE as a priority with some conflicts. Local leagues and tournaments.
  4. West – Less experience to mid-tier players with more conflicts with other team sports. Local Leagues and Fall tournament

Where we compete

  • Leagues – We participate in the CCBL, Force One, MOCO rising stars, PVBL, and Darnestown Courgars League. Games are Saturday and Sunday for 7 – 10 weeks per season with the flexibility of making request to accommodate schedules.
  • Tournaments – They are played over a weekend and teams receive 3 to 5 games. Tournaments are played locally and out of state (higher level teams).
We encourage all players to play multiple sports! All fees are listed at the bottom of the page. Register for the Local and Travel teams based on your assessment of your child. We will add or refund payments if your child ends up on a higher or lower team than your assessment.
I saw a quote the other day that resonated with me. “I wasn’t real quick, and I wasn’t real strong. Some guys will just take off and it’s like, whoa. So I beat them with my mind and my fundamentals.” Boston Celtics Larry Bird said this quote and I truly believe in order to understand the complexity of the game, you must be willing to be a hard working student of the game.
MSU Hoops inspirational quote

*Scroll down to see an estimation of team fees

Our Basketball Specialist teach towards 3 learning styles


Prefers using pictures, images, and spatial understanding


Prefers using sound and music


Prefers using the physical (body, hands, and sense of touch).

Teaching to different learning styles will allow players to understand and apply the following to life beyond the court

  • Confidence

    This allows players to grasp the concepts being taught and feel confident, ultimately having a rewarding experience.

  • Competitive Spirit

    Competition is an opportunity to push yourself to the limit and win or lose, show sportsmanship

  • Understanding Team

    A team is like a family where everyone has a role and a common goal.  We want our teams to think pass first, attack for a better shot for someone else and the bench is an important as the 5 players on the floor.

  • Opportunity

    All players deserve the right to participate and play in the games if they are attending all scheduled practices, games, and events

  • Learning to Earn it!

    Just lacing up your shoes is not enough. Stepping on the court with all the knowledge from practice and skills training, needs to carry over to the game. Winning all 50/50 balls, controlling the boards, and playing strong defense, earns you respect!

  • Understanding Accountability

    When you are a part of a team, you must be accountable for your health, equipment, attendance, mistakes, and attitude.

MSU Hoops Program Description

This program is designed for all players with their own unique skill set.Our primary focus is to make sure every player receives the proper skill development and game strategies to reach their potential.

Skills Development

We teach players the ABC’s of basketball. Attitude, Balance and Control. Understanding these key concepts will give MSU players an edge in the game and in life.

Game Strategies

We believe that players need to practice situations that will arise during a game. Being able to react based on memory will have players feeling more prepared, which will translate into a better chance at success.

All MSU Coaches are

Background Checked

We only hire the best

First Aid CPR Certified

Your child’s safety is important to us

Expertly Trained

Every coach is required to attend 3 MSU coaches continuing education sessions.

All Teams Will Have

MSU Hoops Basketball practice


Each team will have 1 or more practices per week, plus an ABC foundation training on a weekday or weekend.
Point of attack basketball training program


Each team will participate in a league which will offer competition conducive to the teams skill level
MSU Hoops teams will have


Each team will enjoy an end of season pizza party to commemorate every season completed as a team

MSU Hoops Team Evaluations

MADE Sports Unlimited uses the preseason and our 5 step evaluation process to decrease pressure (FALL ONLY)

All other tryouts (winter and spring) are supplemental evaluations to fill vacant spots on teams ($25).

One thing in life that will always be there is someone watching and making judgements of you. 
Whether you are trying to get into a particular educational institute or applying for a job, the anxiety of making the cut is frightful and scary. Tryouts should not be seen as a way to say your child isn’t good enough.
 All players will be placed on a team within our MSU Hoops Program or Signature Division 1 or 2 teams (some exceptions).  Teams playing a more competitive schedule (Signature program) will pay the additional fee after the season begins. All players should register under the appropriate age group.


  • Register for MSU Basketball Program on Team Snap and make payment full or first payment (link below).
  • This will guarantee your a spot on a team.
  • If you aren’t sure about participating within our organization, register for tryouts ($50).
  • You will have until September 12th to request a full refund if your child doesn’t make the desired team.
  • Registration fees (Annual and Court) are non-refundable

Meet and Greet

Attend the player and coach “Meet and Greet” on September 1st, 2016 from 7-9pm. Players need to fill out the player profile form located in our forms and waivers section under Basketball Link. Bring the form, a current picture attached to the form, birth certificate, and a smile!


Attend your child’s age group team evaluation. The week of September 6, 7, 8, and 9th.

Final Evaluation

All players will have their last evaluation on Saturday, September 10th. We will assess:sprint speed, ball handling,  vertical jump,push-up strength, agility, sit and reach.


You will be notified by email with information of the program (MSU Hoops, Signature and HS Showcase) your child has been selected for on September 10th -11th. Practices will begin the week of September 12th.

MSU Hoops Boys Fees

$50 Administrative Fee (per season)

(Register by your child's age as of 01/2018)

Evolution Ballers

Ages 5 - 7 years old
  • Learning the basic at a young age
  • Healthy and exciting basketball experience
  • Learn skills, have fun with different size basketball
  • Shoot on lowered hoops (may vary), and get their first experiences on the court
  • 3 on 3 Evolution Ballers tournament at the end of our 8 week program (hour long sessions)
  • We will advance to spacing for 5 on 5
  • They will also participate in a league

Soaring Stars (Local and Travel)

Ages 8 - 11 years old
$585 - $650
  • Most players in our Soaring stars programs are 4th to 5th grade.
  • League and Tournament play
  • Teams will be labeled North (strongest team), South, East, and West.
  • All teams are age based, then grade (i.e. 11U/5th grade).
  • These players will also have the opportunity to participate in two tournaments per year.
  • Practices are weekly with 2 ABC Fundamental skills weekly/weekend.

Peak Players (Local and Travel)

Ages 12 - 15 years old
$650 - $680
  • Our Peak players would be kids in 6th to 8th grade typically who desire a competitive and challenging environment as they prepare for middle and high school basketball.
  • League and Tournament play.
  • Practices will be weekly with ABC Fundamental skills training during the week/weekend.
  • Teams will be labeled North (strongest team), South, East, and West.
  • All teams are age based, then grade (i.e.13U/7th grade).

JV/Varsity High School

Ages 15 - 18 years old
$400 - $525
  • Force One League and Tournament play – NCAA Certification and AAU card required (additional)
  • Practices will be once per week and twice per week in the spring
  • Teams will be labeled JV North and South for multiple teams
  • All teams are age based, then grade (i.e.JV – 9th/10th grade)

Signature Program

Ages 12 - 15 years old
  • By invitation only (6th grade)
  • Practice 3 times per week (Norwood School, Blair High School, and St. Andrews)
  • League play all three season plus tournaments
  • Attend Nationals
  • Coach Mark Alarie (Duke All-American and Alumni)

MSU Hoops Girls Fees

$50 Administrative Fee (per season)

(Register by your grade/age as of 01/2018)

Girls Program (Local)

Ages 8 - 13 years old
$535 - $635
  • Team Fees cover (Game play, coaching, instructor, and practice fees)
  • League and/or Tournament play with year around options
  • Teams could be mixed age group teams (i.e. 3rd/4th, 4th/5th)
  • All teams are age base and grade (i.e. 11U/5th grade
  • Practices are weekly with ABC Fundamental skills weekly/weekend as development opportunities.

All players must purchase a uniform/shooting shirt or practice reversible with shorts